May 23, 2014

Where have I been?

Golly Wally – how come you don’t write? that’s as far as I get and then the block, blocks me…Reflecting on the last year, oldest to newest;

My grandfather passed away, my mother cried. My grandmother fell, her house was sold, nearly out from under her and I recognized for the 1st time that life and all our accomplishments are fleeting.

My mother divorced, again. My father & siblings made me cry tears of shame & pain on my birthday.

My husband broke every promise he made to me and within a year of marrying, we divorced.

My grandson moved in and moved out. My granddaughter was born. She’s never met her father… he was away, in prison… I surrender to confusion and denial.

My 2nd born – devastated me – who is this man, not the man I raised, not living like this, not doing these things, not with these people… my heart is breaking in a foreign way… and then, he was arrested, found sobriety again, remembered he is a child of God, a disciple of the Lord and now he encourages me with biblical truth – he’s not mine, I am only blessed to know him and have memories of how it all began.

the Father of my two youngest is now experiencing what it is to be 40 – with grown children and regrets – he’s my friend and we are talking each other through this stage of our lives – we sigh together at the truth that our babies are no long our babies; 17 and 18, these men we raised are our children, but no longer ours – they are their own men. We hold our breath as they stand on the edge of the nest confidently,

I walked silently away from my friends to bury my head in the sand – when I pulled my head out (ha) there they were… and for the 1st time in my life I understand what “friend” means, and how blessed I am to have so many.

The house stands, the bills are paid, the job is secure and my faith is strong… my choices, not always healthy, but rarely regrettable.

I have been lost in a maze of confusion and chaos, however… Here I am. Well within my soul.

Praise God!

August 2, 2013

I know why….

This new line of AT&T commercials is really cracking me up! First the little princess who says, “we want more, we want more, we want more” and now the bitty darling who proclaims confidently “I know why!”… I feel like catch phrases are sticking to me!

The little blog-‘o-mine… Dig in friends.      imagesCA3OEYIG

In here you’ll find me. In my home, in my life, in my family, at my job, in my city, in my faith, in my opinion, in my joy and in my tears. Here you will find me in my own little reality.

More, more, I want to write more. I want more time, I want more facts, I want more courage, I want to give more, I want to get more.

I know why – because as I live it, and when it’s over, other than the memories… the truth of this little life of mine, from my perspective is the realest piece of me that I can leave to my children, and their children and those I’ve loved and those who have loved me.

As I am God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which he hath prepared in advance for me to do – I hope that these heartfelt keystrokes will serve as good work, acknowledging that still, these 3 remain, Faith, Hope and Love – The greatest of these being LOVE!


& certainly, some laughs along the way!



July 10, 2012


Like a secret agent, you spy with your little eye, hidden from sight, assuming no one is aware that you are here. Waiting, paying very close attention, noting even the tiniest details. With a little pen and a little pad that you keep safe in the pocket of your mind – you jot down notes. Things you’ll recall and reflect on as you go about your day. You plan your next move, your explanation, your alibi.

All the while – I see you! Because I have known you so well, understood your motives and your inner workings, your plot to covertly infiltrate has been thwarted. On the little pad in the pocket of my mind, I too have kept detailed notes. I know well the tools you possess, the strategies you employ and your overall objective.

I am on the offense.

I willfully sacrifice for the greater gain.

I have intentionally left a trail of clues designed to entice.

I am acutely aware of your presence.

I led you to this place, invited you to this truth…


April 5, 2012

When I write…

Something stirs something.                                            

There’s a story to tell, a morsel to share, a lesson to offer, or a tale of a lesson  learned. An ache has come. A joy has overcome. A truth has been discovered, an injustice must be revealed, an attitude has been adjusted, a conclusion has been sealed. Sometimes…a secret has been told. When the media has misled or the government has mis-fed or a fire has erupted or a storm has been calmed…. I write. 

Often, emotions have taken over. Concentration has been lost. Focus has changed. Direction has been established. A voice badgers from within. A word batteling to get out. A tear has fallen. Rest has come. The day is quiet. The moment is right. The inspiration begs.

When the bubbles are fully formed, floating,  dripping iridescence…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I write.   

pages within the pages my beloved – layers within the layers – happenings beyond home page – life abundant

July 15, 2011

Leaving Society to Join Reality

Brand spankin’ new… Day, dreams, outlook and ideas. After the maddness of myspace and the mockery of friendship via facebook, mama jo makes the move to WordPress. Truth is – I have sumpthin’ to say. 38 years, 2 marriages, 4 sons, countless job changes, a handful of broken hearts and a heaping helping of wishes for love, peace and understanding have led me to this place in time. So happy to be here!

With no idea where this will take me – I boldly venture out into the world of blogging. My sincerest hope is that your emotions and curiosity will be stirred, and that your perspective and understanding will broaden. I will give you my truths and welcome yours. I will wish you only blessings and joy, strangers and loved ones, because that’s how my ebb flows.

I’m gonna give the truth about my life… as I see it… and the funny, quirky, ugly, and intense people who come in and out of it. I’m gonna share the joy and the pain and I’m gonna toss lyrics in where they fit neatly. As we all do – I’ll grow here – as a woman, as a mother and as a writer. Offer me a boost when I need one will you?

Until next time – peace easy bloggers!