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July 15, 2011

Leaving Society to Join Reality

Brand spankin’ new… Day, dreams, outlook and ideas. After the maddness¬†of myspace¬†and the mockery of friendship via facebook, mama jo makes the move to WordPress. Truth is – I have sumpthin’ to say. 38 years, 2 marriages, 4 sons, countless job changes, a handful of broken hearts and a heaping helping of wishes for love, peace and understanding have led me to this place in time. So happy to be here!

With no idea where this will take me – I boldly venture out into the world of blogging. My sincerest hope is that your emotions and curiosity will be stirred, and that your perspective and understanding will broaden. I will give you my truths and welcome yours. I will wish you only blessings and joy, strangers and loved ones, because that’s how my ebb flows.

I’m gonna give the truth about my life… as I see it… and the funny, quirky, ugly, and intense people who come in and out of it. I’m gonna share the joy and the pain and I’m gonna toss lyrics in where they fit neatly. As we all do – I’ll grow here – as a woman, as a mother and as a writer. Offer me a boost when I need one will you?

Until next time – peace easy bloggers!