When I write…

Something stirs something.                                            

There’s a story to tell, a morsel to share, a lesson to offer, or a tale of a lesson  learned. An ache has come. A joy has overcome. A truth has been discovered, an injustice must be revealed, an attitude has been adjusted, a conclusion has been sealed. Sometimes…a secret has been told. When the media has misled or the government has mis-fed or a fire has erupted or a storm has been calmed…. I write. 

Often, emotions have taken over. Concentration has been lost. Focus has changed. Direction has been established. A voice badgers from within. A word batteling to get out. A tear has fallen. Rest has come. The day is quiet. The moment is right. The inspiration begs.

When the bubbles are fully formed, floating,  dripping iridescence…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I write.   

pages within the pages my beloved – layers within the layers – happenings beyond home page – life abundant


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