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July 10, 2012


Like a secret agent, you spy with your little eye, hidden from sight, assuming no one is aware that you are here. Waiting, paying very close attention, noting even the tiniest details. With a little pen and a little pad that you keep safe in the pocket of your mind – you jot down notes. Things you’ll recall and reflect on as you go about your day. You plan your next move, your explanation, your alibi.

All the while – I see you! Because I have known you so well, understood your motives and your inner workings, your plot to covertly infiltrate has been thwarted. On the little pad in the pocket of my mind, I too have kept detailed notes. I know well the tools you possess, the strategies you employ and your overall objective.

I am on the offense.

I willfully sacrifice for the greater gain.

I have intentionally left a trail of clues designed to entice.

I am acutely aware of your presence.

I led you to this place, invited you to this truth…