Just Curious

 On appearance –  At 39 years old, regarding a knee-length dress, how tight is too tight?

How flat does a tummy have to be, to be considered flat enough for the dress that may be too tight?

Does anyone else think a mullet of bald on top and dreadlocks below is the MOST ridiculous of all men’s hairstyles?

What’s worse, mascara goo in the corner of your eye or a piece of spinach in your teeth?

Are certain single women so attractive that men assume they’re involved in relationships, or are these same single women simply not “attractive’?

On temptation – Am I the only one who hides the office candy dish so as not to be tempted – and then feels pestered by the voice of chocolate mocking me all day?

On unsolicited comments – When that man said “You’re in the wrong city” – what did he mean? I took it as a tremendous compliment – am I flattering myself in err?

On self-esteem – What do you suppose it feels like, deep inside the mind and soul of a person, the first time they put marker to cardboard and spell out “anything helps”?

On office politics – If it’s Friday, and your office is less than half staffed, and there is no pressing deadline, is it ok to consider yourself “on-call” and then spend your day at your desk doing “personal” things?

Is envy the only, or only the obvious reason that blue-collar workers insult, mock and belittle white-collar workers?

On change – What do you need more of – courage, money or faith – to pack up everything and move to a new state on your own?

On self – How many mid-life crisis’ are reasonable? Since we have no idea when our lives will end, is it really fair to call them mid-life?

What’s worse, painful shyness, unmotivated laziness or drunken belligerence?

Is there anything more equally embarrassing and regrettable as a name tattoo?

Remember when we used to say “when I grow up”?  Has that happened yet?

Am I the only one who’s found that counting sheep does not work?


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