I don’t know if it really means anything, but as far as analogies and metaphors go…

I don’t blow in the wind, I ride on the waves.

I drift along, sometimes calm; with the sun beaming down while birds meet in sky overhead. Other times, there are beautiful children laughing and playing, golden and safe at the shore. There are moments when the waters are a little wild, but warm and inviting still.

There have been spectacular waves that have risen miles above the body, gnarly waves that have carried us far from where we were picked up, waves that moved us swiftly, and often against our will. There have been dangerous dives and near drownings. As waves do, we have crashed; we have rippled and we have settled, time and again. As the sun rises above it each morning or the moon begins its climb each evening, my life is a body of water that is captivating, unpredictable, impossible to contain and difficult to control. I am a wave tossed in the ocean.

 “I” is me and “we” are my children and I, and as I explain why my journey is as overwhelming as it is, the simplest explanation is that I’m an Aquarius… I like to go with the flow, sometimes there are obstacles, sometimes I get washed away. I suggest those near and dear to me cling tightly as there are occasions where one might get swept up…

I’m going back to church today for the 1st time in several weeks. I love that church and they have always been very beautiful to me. I’ve been away at sea but don’t think they’ll understand that. Trying to explain to the sympathetic eyes that I’m fine, it wasn’t anything personal and my love for the Lord never changes, will be a challenge. I think I’ll just tell them all that I’m an Aquarius. I’ll hug ’em up real good and thank them for caring.

This has become the protocol for everyone in my life. The waves toss and turn and its hard to say where and when I’ll surface. Never fear though loved ones – I’ve navigated these waters for many, many years. I’m fastened securely to my life-preserver…. I may go under from time to time – but I won’t drown!


a little wild, but warm and inviting still.


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