Canary Among Sparrows

In the dirt, that’s meant to be a lawn, next to the crumbling cement pad that’s meant to be a sidewalk from the driveway to the house, amidst the nightly gathering of sparrows looking for seeds of something delicious… there is a bright yellow Canary with hints of green and blue on his wings.

I looked at him twice and asked myself “really”?

Although nothing about my days or nights or comings or goings is very typical or predictable, the canary was a big surprise. Reflecting, I questioned… why this beautiful bird, assumed to be a pet who was pampered with a safe comfy cage, treated to mirrors and other such toys for entertainment, and spoiled with a daily supply of food that required no hunting or gathering, would leave such a life to fend for itself among the wild sparrows?

I question why the sparrows are so welcoming. This little canary flies up into the tree with them, circles around the bird bath with them, crosses the street to the neighbor’s yard and returns back to mine with them, and all the while they pay no mind to him. They’ve accepted him into their community. I realize…. freedom to fly and a trustworthy group of pals to fly with may be much more desirable than the security of a cage. Given the choice, I would much prefer the great wide open with a group of helpful strangers, than an existence trapped by those who misunderstand and use me.

 …. and those strangers…. those wild sparrows… I think its like meeting people who are less fortunate than myself. They could tell me to leave them to themselves and their wild existence but what I’ve found is that my acceptance of them, despite their circumstances, and my wanting to feel as independent and free… is appreciated and welcome. It is they, who accept me.

Fly little canary! Be free… live naturally, uninhibited by expectations… Experience and enjoy the wild side of life.

I’ll follow your example and do the same bravely.


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