Saving Private Residence

As of today, I am placing myself in the running for the 2011 NO TEARS award. Facing the facts, my latest relationship has just ended very poorly as I am unable to satisfy his needs in the manner that his mistress, cocaine, is able to. My full-time government job does not pay enough to meet my basic necessities which include food and toilet paper. I have $20.00 in the bank until my next payday. My basement is flooded and insurance doesn’t cover the expense. My foundation is cracking, my cabinets are falling off the wall and I’m receiving demand notices prior to foreclosure.  My dogs are out of food. My car is out of gas. My think I can, think I can engine is nearly out of steam.

Passing the people on the streets and at intersections who are holding make-shift cardboard signs asking for “anything” that helps, I have often wondered, what happened to them? How did they end up in this situation? As I come closer to losing the home I’ve struggled financially and physically to maintain, the notion of homelessness becomes far too real.

Some suggest I join the ranks of millions of Americans and “walk-away”. If the lender won’t work with me to afford the house I call home, maybe I should just give the house back. Of course this option does not relieve me of the financial burden. Others have suggested selling. As previously mentioned, this little house that Jack built is more of sticks than bricks. It’s on its very last legs and I can’t imagine anyone with any sense at all taking on the trouble of buying a new home that’s broken. I can’t imagine trying to convince anyone that they will become as fond of the house as I have become.

My final option. Fight! I’m fighting the lender. I’m fighting the advise of friends and family. I’m fighting the foundation and the flooding. I’m fighting back the tears as the picture of the mess I’m in gets clearer and clearer. This is my house, my home and the beacon in the dark that my children have come to rely on. I will arm myself with faith and the recent rules of bail out stimulus funding and an unwavering American determination; I am now a soldier of my own sustenance.

I will fight to save my private residence! If the foe I’m fighting ends up the victor, it will not be for surrender or retreat but rather tragic defeat.


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