All In Good Time


This little casita los mios… Feels like a bad relationship. I love it even though it breaks my heart. It has disappointed me time and time again and yet I can’t help but to believe it will grow to be all that I hoped it would be. I continually put my all into it only to find that once one issue is resolved, another rears its ugly head. Yet…  I can’t give it up – can’t let it go. Who will ever love it the way I do?

And – Finally…. the lender is lending a hand! AMEN!!!!!

We’ve reached an agreement and I will remain through the end of the year. A re-determination will be made then and like any difficult relationship – both parties will have to decide whether to stay involved or separate.

I did not give up my fight – even as I pulled out moldy carpet and baseboards from the flood soaked basement. The more weeds I pull, the more chips and dents I repair, the more counters I wipe down, the more window treatments I replace… the more I adore this humble abode of mine. My neighbors are beautiful. My view of the city is amazing. My travel distance to everywhere is reasonable. The light that warms the colorful living room as the sun goes down is priceless!

There was a moment when I thought it was just going to be too difficult… then I took a moment to remember and realize…. God is in control of my life – because I asked Him to be, because I allow Him to be… as such, I will rest comfy and without worry tonight. I will finish  mold remediation in the basement, I will continue to manange and maintain all other duties lovingly, and I will continue in this relationship with my beloved Casita for a while longer.

All good things – all in good time!


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