Loves a New Year


  No matter what anyone says – its hard to dismiss the notion that all things can begin again on New Years Day.Of course, all things do begin again everyday – but I think its the attitude that gets a full kick in the pants around midnight on December 31st. I’m pleased to say that mine is now, as it has been for the past several months, an attitude of complete gratitude. Less the stress of the house, the hubby on the horizon and the kids.

The house – SAFE at the moment! Ah Wells Fargo, thank you for finally coming to your senses and realizing that you don’t want my house. Like the car Christine, it would be foolish and dangerous for anyone else to try to come in now. I worked too hard and put in too much blood, sweat and tears… my little house wouldn’t be, without me. Again, I’m glad WFB finally gets it.

The hubster in waiting…. exactly that! My heart belongs to another but I am not without – his heart belongs to me and of this we have no doubt! (being in love makes you rhyme).

The kids… can I even call them that anymore? Twenty. My eldest is 20 frick’n years old. How did that happen? where was I? I remember changing a diaper and then rocking him to sleep softly singing a lullaby. Did I doze off and wake up 20 years later? He’s well. He makes me laugh and insists that he and God are cool. For today, that’s better than good enough for me.

Eighteen and on the loose. What more can I say. He’s alive and in good spirits. It was a hard road from when he decided he was an adult to the day he (in the eyes of the law) became one. I remember 18 well and all I can really hope for is deeper faith, wisdom, hope and love.

And the youngest – who hiss and spit when I call them babies. Sixteen New Years Day and Fifteen just before Valentines Day. They have been so kind to me. Visiting often so I don’t drown in empty nest syndrome. Reminding me that I am still needed. Gracing me with hugs and “I love you’s” on the regular. They don’t let me forget that teenagers eat a lot. They don’t let me forget that teenagers have raging hormones. They don’t let me forget that teenagers know everything. They don’t let me forget that I’m a momma – my favorite thing to be!

Life itself is such a blessing. Church is rewarding. Job is fulfilling. Bills are paid. Weight is managed. Cigarettes are out. Parents are aging hilariously. Grandparents are aging bittersweetly.  “Friends” are fewer and truer! Dogs display ridiculous joy when I return home every evening.

What better? C’mon 2012 – I’m ready!


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