As the collapse from divorce began there was a devastating separation… my children and I

Saturday, January 24, 2009  

My precious sons,

winter 2009

I remember what your voices sounded like when you were in the 1st and 2nd grade. What it felt like when I would tuck you in at night. How your tiny hands felt in mine. The roar of four little laughs. The pain of even one little tear. I remember motherhood. I wonder how you’ll remember childhood. I wonder if you realize how fleeting it is. I hope you’re ready to say goodbye to all that used to be. I hope you’re planning wisely for whats sure to come. I write this out of love and sadness, grief and faith. I miss you my darling sons. Life goes on… But itll never be the same. I hope I’ve prepared you well. I hope you believe in me as I do in you. I look most forward to hearing of your experiences, in turn, at the dinner table. Until then, know there is no love greater than mine for you, and no joy greater than that which you have given me. My boys… Time passes too fast and too slow. Hurry home, and make smart choices on the way.  

As the foundation is being rebuilt, grace remains unchanged

Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer 2011

As I sit enjoying the summer sunset, my 19-year-old is now in college and working. My 18-year-old interviewed for a job today. My 15-year-old will a sophomore in the fall, there’s talk of a semester in Hawaii and my 14-year-old will be a freshman and just called the other night to say he loved me. We all spend lotsa good times together! Often!

Everyone is Alive!, Amen!!!, and Well!  What better?  All in good time!


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