the answer to my prayers


How God answers our prayers! Instead of in another state far, far away, YOU ARE HERE WITH ME!

You have been with me for 2 weeks now. Your gramma Liz loves you so much that she wants the very best for you. She called me on Nov. 2nd and asked if you could come visit for a while.

 Of course – I said YES!! She calls almost every day since to be sure  you are well. She is a good gramma!

Now, you are my joy morning, noon and night! Watching you take your first steps. How my heart melts. You speed crawl, huffing and puffing and I laugh at your determination! You like to kiss Mugsy, or maybe he likes to kiss you – either way it’s a darling sight! You prefer a giant Tupperware bowl to all the toys in your toy box and you would rather tear the books than read them. Silly guy!

You have a lot to say all day, every day, but the only thing so far that doesn’t require translation is when you say”bye” – and you wave – and you’re very proud of yourself for what you know! I’m proud of you too!

You are a very sweet, very happy baby and I feel so blessed to have this time with you! You come to church with us and everyone is in love with you! You come to the gym and the other children tell me how they love you. We go for walks and you talk about life around you. You eat well, sleep well and smile all day long!

Your mama and pop are trying… and they LOVE you so, so, so much… so much that they allow me to take care of you until they are able.

Grandson – God is good!!!


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