This child...                                                                 His mother’s mother and her mother, and his mother’s father’s mother; that’s three. His father’s mother, her mother, and her mother’s mother; that makes three more.  His father’s, father’s mother and his father’s father’s mother; that adds two more. He has eight grandmothers. He is my first grandchild.

Born a week before my birthday, announced to me on my birthday, born to my son who is still a child himself. Before the age of 40 I am blessed to witness the offspring of my offspring. Even now, I am amazed.


My Father’s mother was known as Grandmommy. The reigning matriarch, deeply respected and beloved by her children, she wasn’t just a mom, she was mommy and when her children had children she was no longer simply a mommy but a Grand mommy. She went home to the Lord (she would not have her departure from this early dwelling  understood any other way) she left having known 6 children, 19 grandchildren, at least 17 great-grandchildren and I believe 2 great, great-grandchildren. Over 40 lives could not be, if not for she. 

Remembering the feeling of the recognition of “life” as I held my first-born child in my arms; and the realization that such was the evidence of God the creator, as I look into the eyes of my first grandson am yet able to truly grasp the graciousness of these gifts. First, children of my own, and sons at that, and a bloodline, a new generation, blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh. It is an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness and honor.

I continue to learn that my children are not truly mine. They are 4 of the billions of human beings walking the earth. They are their own people with their own thoughts, ideas, agenda’s, goals, plans and destinies. I was given the responsibility of caring for them until they were old enough to fend for themselves. I was subject to ensuring their elementary education both scholastic and social. I was chosen to witness to them, to evangelize them, to disciple them, to instruct them in the way they should go; that as adults they would not turn away from it (Proverbs 22:6). I was from their births, and remain to this day privileged to know them. Loving them is understanding what love is.

Then, one of my children receives the calling. He is a parent. I am now a Grand parent. I learn that Love is not only unconditional, but unrestricted. It comes to me that this child couldn’t be, if not for me. Still I question, who am I to be so chosen? Everyday, more and more, solely by the Grace of God, I know that while in my mother’s womb I was sanctified. Set apart according to the will of my heavenly Father. The answer to why, resounds, for His glory. I am wonderfully made to do good works which He has chosen for me to do. These good works include mothering, and now, even more so, grandmothering.  Ah, Blessing!

As my son shoulders the responsibility of care, and the administration of education, and the honor of evangelism and the privilege of love – my role now, as learned by my Grandmommy, consists of three basics. First, to persist in absolute  Love; Love to the 2nd degree.  Furthermore, to have answers to thoughtful inquisitions and arms shorn of any imposition at the ready. This precious child has no idea that he was born to be my instructor. Through him I will discover how best to mother at a grand level. This, in anticipation of one day being great and even great, great at mothering at a grand level.

My grandmommy laid to rest having realized and loved 4 generations of descendants. The 2nd generation of my descendants is at hand. Will I live to see an increase of 40 or more? –  only God knows. The one thing I do know, it only takes one to bring Glory of the Father – His son, the son of man, Jesus Christ our beloved. That my children and my children’s children, and their children, and their children’s children would recognize and hold in reverence both the Author and the Blessing of “Life”- would indeed, be Grand!


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