New Moons Bring Monsoons

Before October 15th, single in the city; I was taking up the entire bed at night, falling asleep to sitcoms and waking up somewhere around 8:40 am. I was taking my time getting ready in the morning, enjoying the sunshine, coffee and morning TV. The new puppy that wandered up to my door about a week before, as cute as could be, was the whimpering cuddly love of my life. The 9-5 had become pleasingly routine and predictable. My co-workers and I had formed solid working relationships and practical work methods. My circle of pals were hosting regular social gatherings after 5 and on weekends, serving up entertainment, cocktails and laughs. My gym and church schedules were firm and fulfilling. Things in my life were “calm & easy”…

                                                                                                Then, the new moon rose.


My long time, on again, off again beau became my on again, again. Waking begins at 6 am with coffee for two. My puppy got his 2nd set of shots and although he’s gotten bigger his bladder doesn’t seem to have. He needs to go potty before the sun comes up. Waking to yipping now begins before 6 am. My boys and I attended a family conference to determine what’s best for my grandson. Turns out what feels best is for me to file for custody. Such filing has incited a fierce battle between ex’s and in-laws. 2 weeks since that decision, the little boy is in my full time care and has me waking up at 5 am. (That smile with those 2 tiny teeth makes it totally worth it). I week before my new roomie arrived, my title, duties and office space at work completely changed. They’re calling it a promotion but I’m not certain the salary increase is commensurate with the stress and insanity increase. However, finding suitable, affordable, full time daycare is truly my most demanding job right now. It used to be a happy hour at 5pm made it all better. A glass of wine, some sushi, a movie flying solo… all good Friday night fixes;  but now, Friday night and every night, the baby sits wide eyed in the high chair anxiously awaiting a classic Gerber selection. As such, I am no longer wide eyed in high society anxiously awaiting a classic vino selection.  


30 days ago, I was vegged out on the sofa, tuned into the tv and tuned out to worry or hassle. These days, I am now politely making effort to listen to what my S.O. has to say about his day. I am totally tuned in to what the 9 month old is trying to express through squawks, squeals and screams. I am missing weekday church services to lay a baby down, or, with baby in tow, attending Sunday services but completely missing the message.  A healthy twice a day at the gym has turned into a hopeful twice a week. Turns out if you get less sleep, you crave more chocolate; Ug! What is the opposite of  “calm & easy”. 



 30 days beyond a new moon I’m living a new life…

 … and, winter is approaching.






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